Now I can’t help saing


Now I can’t help saing…
     It’s Shinichi Ishihara!!

As a singer, I’ve participated in recording sessions for over 10,000 songs in Japan. I’ve performed in over 100 plays and musicals, and dubbed countless works as a voice actor.
In the recent years, with the development of social media, I’ve received more and more messages and exciting comments from all of you from overseas. Thank you so much!
Having sung in countries all over the world as a musician, I’ve been moved so many times by people’s music-loving hearts, and how there are no boundaries to music. Singing anime songs and Power Ranger songs in cities across Latin America and Asia, I came to strongly believe that our music transcends language and is the greatest tool for connecting people throughout the world.
However, in 2020, the planet is engulfed by the threat of COVID-19. Our ties between Japanese anime song artists and fans across the world, which had blossomed beyond the country borders, were cut apart along with the travel restrictions at each country. Under the circumstances, nobody can even foresee when the restrictions will be lifted.
In Japan, the lives of us musicians are at stake, as we are unable to hold live concerts, and the production of anime and superhero shows, as well as other events, have been cancelled or postponed. It’s truly heartbreaking for the performance venues to just disappear, losing all of the opportunities for putting on performances we have refined over many years.
 But above all, we are worried about our friends all over the world, those who love our music.
In Japan, or in Asia, rather, the spread of the infection has been somewhat contained at a relatively early stage, and the mortality rate has been trending low. But every time I see on the news that the disease is spreading in Europe and Americas, my memories from each of those countries flash back.
Having gained experience from the free live streaming in May, we will produce a more advanced live streaming event this week, on July 24. If this event is successful, we are hoping to produce an even bigger live streaming event in the fall, presented for fans across the world. Now is the time to take the part of others, and support one another at all costs. I want to express these hopes in my music, singing as hard as I can. In order to do so… I truly need your help. Your voices support our movement. I hope that you will continue to support Shinichi Ishihara and activities of Japanese anime song and superhero song singers. I hope that our dreams will touch your hearts.
July 18 marks one year since the tragic fire at Kyoto Animation. When the incident occurred, so many anime fans from all over the world gave condolences to the creators who have passed away. One year later, now, we want to deliver our music to the world, which is in turmoil from COVID-19. So that our hearts can come together once again.
July 21, 2020
Shinichi Ishihara, Singer and Actor

Friday, July 24 at 3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Japanese Standard Time)
Featuring: Takayuki Miyauchi / Hideaki Takatori & Shinichi Ishihara w/ MC: Mishio Suzuki
This trial streaming can be watched at ⇒
The paid concert will be streamed from 4:00 p.m. (JST) on the same day…,
And you can enjoy that archives for 24hours!
Please access the QR code above for your tickets! (Sorry, the ticketing website is Japanese only) Please try purchasing the ticket at joining us at the event!
When this LIVE is successful, we are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Southern Hemisphere AID for the people of Brazil and India in the summer! The proceeds from crowdfunding will be used for the free live streaming of “ANISONG☆ HEROES❕ For ONE WORLD” in the fall. I hope you will join us!
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歌手・俳優 石原慎一

◆ オンライン イベントNEWS ◆
出演:宮内タカユキ/高取ヒデアキ&石原慎一 W/MC:鈴木美潮
続く16時からの本番の配信と24時間ARCHIVE視聴できます!何回もお楽しみいただけます! お申込みはこちらから↓↓↓
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